RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner (RtC3

RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner (RtC3

Keep your PC and Internet cache clean from undesired cookies
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The RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner is, as its name precisely indicates, a manager for Internet cookies and cleaning tool for your system cache. This tool is also known by his alias RtC3. Those who don’t know much about computers may be wondering themselves right now, what does this anything to do with the kitchen? Well, let’s first explain what a cookie is in terms of computers. The cookie is a special type of file, which is located on your computer and is created by certain Internet sites. The purpose of these files is to save some information about your activities on the particular site in order to customize it to your needs and preferences. So, the cookies could be very helpful and interesting. The risk is when a cookie goes further than that and starts sniffing in other private business you don’t want it to. Then is when you need some help and RealTime Cookie & Cache Cleaner could be the answer.
The application is organized in a small multiple-tab screen, each tab for a specific task. Let’s briefly describe them:
- Cookies: this is the first tab and is oriented to manage cookies. It keeps your cookies on sight and you can start the realtime cookie cleanup. This function starts the program to actively and continuously monitor and remove all cookies from your computer, except the ones which you can save using the Cookie Jar. This process is completely hidden and requires no input from the user what so ever. A list will show you which cookies have been deleted. From this tab you can also clean the internet cache.
- Cache: this is the second tab where you will find a list of files in the cache. You can set an automatic periodic cleanup of the cache.
- Cookie Jar: here is where you can keep those cookies you want to save so the real time cleaner won’t delete them. A two text boxes window let you decide for each cookie found whether to save it or not.
- Index.dat: this is the tab from which you can manage the .dat files, created all the time by Windows.
- Options: this is the last tab and as its name indicates is where you can configure the application options. Some of the options are: the scan and clean intervals, run on startup, delete history at closing, among others.

Lionel Mira
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  • It's available for an affordable price
  • It works automatically in the background
  • It's simple to use and configure


  • The automatic cleanup can be dangerous if you forgot to save a cookie you want
  • It's available in English only
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